The Ultimate Guide to Buying Best Car Speakers

best car speakersCar speakers have been around for a long time, but in the past few years, we’ve seen a significant improvement in their design and performance of the best car speakers.

The fast-changing technology in the audio industry, allows vehicles to be fitted with different speakers as well as amplifiers. When you buy a car, there is the need to acquire an upgraded speaker if you want to enjoy a good music experience.

With a dozen different brands car radio systems to choose from, it can be hard to find the best car speakers for sound quality. Selecting the best speakers for your car may look simple, but when you are looking for one, you will discover that it is not as easy as you think.

So when you need to upgrade or acquire new car speakers, how do you go about it? Let’s find out!


Top 7 Best Car Speakers for Bass and Sound Quality


The best car speakers sound quality or bass can be challenging to choose. They range in price and more importantly sound quality. With endless choices from brands around the world, finding a pair of the best car component speakers is not easy.

A new set of speakers will improve the sound quality in your vehicle. A great pair of component speakers for car will allow you adjust the volume to your standards, yet with more clarity, more bass and less distortion.

From this guide, you will find a comprehensive list of top 7 best speakers available in the market today. 3-way speakers continue to occupy high spots of the best car speakers we have on the market today. Three-way speakers are also referred to as triaxial speakers.

They consist of three different sound drivers – the woofer for bass, tweeter for the highs and an extra component called mid-range, which produces the mids. The mid-range performs the role of balancing and translating mid frequencies to sounds that are most natural to the human ear.

To compile this list, we comprehensively looked at a couple of factors such as; 3-way speakers, channels & distribution, size, impedance, speaker type, power, sensitivity & output and sound quality against price.


Here is a list of the top-rated car speakers, to help you choose the best products on the market today


Pioneer TS-A1676R 6-1/2 inch 3-Way Speaker

Pioneer TS-A1676R 6-1/2 inch 3-Way SpeakerThe Pioneer TS-A series speakers are some of the bestselling car speakers for bass on the market today. The Pioneer brand of speakers is well-liked, and that’s no coincidence.

The Pioneer Ts -A1675R speaker is well-designed to produce a well-balanced and satisfying sound that has full bass, clear mids, and accurate treble.

Most importantly, this speaker is reasonably priced, making it more than enough for any economy to the mid-level sound system.


Car Speaker Features and Specifications

The Pioneer TS-A 1676R A-Series is one of the best  6.5 car speaker, featuring 320 Watts Max Power. It is a 3-way speaker with Multilayer Mica Matrix Cone and Lightweight Elastic Polymer Surround. This speaker comes in an ornamental design to offer an improved bass abs dynamic range with higher power handling.

  • Design 3-Way
  • Size: 6.5.”
  • Sensitivity  : 90 dB
  • Mount Depth: 1-3/4″
  • Peak Power Handling: 320 watts
  • RMS Power Handling:  50 watts
  • Frequency range:  32-40,000 Hz.


Speaker Sound Quality


  • The TS-A line features a new highly rigid Multilayer of Mica Matrix Cone structure to offer more extensive dispersion of sound with a more profound bass.
  • The speaker has a new tweeter that is designed to deliver an improved range of mid to high frequencies. This makes the speaker produce optimized sound at lighter volumes.
  • Technology improvements in this speaker help it offer better performance with enhanced sound quality. The speaker can play a larger variety of favorite music with heavy bass, including dubstep, hip-hop and alternative rock
  • Various components have all come together combining to develop a diaphragm of extra lightness and rigidity to improve on responsiveness sensitivity.


Other Speaker Features


  • The speaker features a lightweight elastic polymer surround for high sensitivity. There is a heat-resistance voice coil wire that helps to disperse heat thus withstanding high input power.
  • The new spider design incorporates the same material used in the PRS series of high-end component speakers. Such a design promotes stiffer suspension and more accurate response.
  • The speaker also features a cooling basket with an air vent for increased cooling to promote improved power handling.


What customers say

This speaker receives a high number of 5-star ratings as one of the best car speakers for base and sound quality. One of the customers gives it a 4-star rating. Customers applaud the way the speaker fits perfectly and how its sound quality is extremely good. The speaker is super easy to mount making it an excellent upgrade from a factory system.




 Kenwood KFC-6965S 6 X 9 Inches 3-Way 400W Speaker


Kenwood KFC-6965S 6 X 9 Inches 3-Way 400W SpeakerKenwood is another renowned brand in the car audio industry. The Kenwood KFC-6965S 6 X 9 Inches 3-Way 400W Speaker is one of best 3-way speakers Kenwood has to offer. These Kenwood speakers make an excellent option for those looking forward to upgrading from their factory speakers.


Speaker Features and Specifications

Kenwood KFC-6965S 6 X 9 Inches is a 3-way car coaxial speaker that can handle 400 watts (800 watts per 4-pack) of maximum power and 45 watts (90 watts per 4-pack) of RMS power. The speakers have a frequency response of 30-22,000 Hz and a sensitivity of 92 dB. They include grills and have a depth of 3″.


  •    400w Sports Series 6×9″ 3-Way Speakers
  •    Peak Power Handling: 400 watts
  •    RMS Power Handling: 45 watts
  •    Polypropylene woofer cone
  •    2″ (50mm) polyetherimide cone tweeter
  •    1/2″ (12mm) ceramic super tweeter


Speaker Sound Quality

The KFC-6965S speaker features durable polypropylene woofers that are supported with a treated cloth surround for a decent bass output.

The speaker adds a 2″ PEI cone tweeter and a 1/2″ ceramic super tweeter in the mix. This facilitates a very smooth transition on your music’s highs and lows. The speaker comes with a black steel basket for reducing noise cancellation to help the user achieve a superior sound.


What customers say

Customers point out that this is a budget-friendly speaker that is not going to turn your ride into a frightening thunderstorm of bass. It goes beyond any doubt that customers are getting a speaker that is worth their money.



 Boss Audio CH6530 Watt, 6.5″ Full Range 3-Way Speakers


Boss Audio CH6530 Watt, 6.5" Full Range 3-Way SpeakersThe Chaos Series is a 6.5″ 3-way speaker that comes with a Piezo Dome Tweeter of 300w Max 30-oz Magnet Freq Resp: 100 Hz-18Hz Full range speakers. The speaker comes with a 3-year platinum online dealer warranty that is valid only on products that are sold and shipped by Amazon.

The Boss Audio CH6530 Watt uses a substance called polyurethane that is categorized as a polymer. This is what makes the speaker resilient, flexible and durable.

The material used takes the place of paint, cotton, and rubber, and can be as hard as fiberglass to offer the required protection. The speaker features a new surround foam that lasts much longer making it a superior product for speaker drivers which need a large excursion.

The foam used in the speaker keeps the cone centered and has the ability to control the undesired movement of the speaker cone. The foam can be mixed with other substances to produce different flex and strength properties.


Car Speaker Features and Specifications

  •    300 watts Peak Power
  •    150 watts RMS per pair
  •    Frequency Response 100 Hz -18Hz
  •    Impedance 4 Ohms
  •    System Sensitivity: 90 dB
  •    Tweeter: 1 inch Dome and 1/2 inch Piezo
  •    Mount Depth: 2-1/8 inch (53mm)


Speaker Sound Quality

The Boss Audio CH6530 Watt speaker is capable of higher or elevated temperature strengths and fatigue properties that will increase features that will improve performance and efficiency.

The polyurethane material used allows for maximum flexibility to produce great sounding speakers that last for a long time.


What customers say

Customer reviews are based on how the speakers perform great. Installation is pretty simple, and the sound quality is impressive. On the con side, some argue that the speakers are costly and not heavy duty, although they produce incredible sound output.



JBL GTO638 6.5″ 3-Way Speakers


JBL GTO638 6.5" 3-Way SpeakersThe JBL GTO638 is a 6.5-inch 3-way speaker that arrive with a provision of three-way design. This design is intended to offer premium sound quality. The speaker comes with woofer cones which are inclined to provide deep bass thus enhancing the auditory experience.

The 6.5″ GTO638 speaker is a perfect replacement for those who are looking forward to upgrading their factory speakers. The speakers deliver a smooth and accurate audio, thanks to various technologies used such as JBL’s Plus One cone, built-in crossover network and edge-driven Mylar titanium tweeter and supertweeter.


Speaker Features and Specifications

The GTO638 speaker offers a big, rich and detailed sound that makes this speaker quite famous. The GTO638 deploys the series bass of a Plus One woofer cone and an edge-driven super tweeter that produces extended high frequencies.


  •    Patented Plus One woofer cone
  •    Home theater-quality tweeter
  •    True sound from built-in crossover network
  •    6-1/2 / 6-3/4-inch three-way loudspeaker
  •    Plus One woofer cone and a rubber surround
  •    Mylar-titanium tweeter and adjustable super tweeter with level control
  •    180 Watts peak power handling
  •    Power Handling (RMS): 60W
  •    Impedance 2 ohms
  •    Two-inch mounting depth


How the Speaker Performs


The plus one cone makes the bass go boom. This technology gives the GTO638 more cone surface than its competing models. The more significant cone area provides higher efficiency and better bass response.

The low impedance speaker voice coil extracts more power from the amp to produce a more powerful performance. GTO638 are compatible with both aftermarket head units and factory-installed units.

The Edge-Driven Mylar-Titanium Tweeter and also a super tweeter comes with a large voice coil, much like the voice coil that is found in high-end audio speakers. The Mylar and Titanium blend has a lightweight and remarkable strength.

The large voice coil increases the power handling of the speaker and and reduces distortion at high output levels. The tweeter is designed to help create a more seamless integration with the woofer. The speaker’s tweeter is even adjustable to allow you to modify and optimize the sound.


Speaker Sound Quality

The three-way speakers are very lightweight but yet offers a massive sound output making them among the leading bestsellers on the market today. The speakers also deliver a high-quality sound with great performance and high output.


What Customers Say

The speaker is small and lightweight, yet it produces massive sound. The speakers are very compatible with different types of automobiles. They are easy to install and comes with Intermount III mounting system. On the con side of it, the speakers require an amp to enhance its performance. The speakers also suffer below average peak power handling.



 Polk Audio db691 6-by-9 Inch, 3-Way Speaker


Polk Audio db691 6-by-9 Inch, 3-Way SpeakerIt is time to step up your vehicle audio performance with the Polk’s Audio revolutionary db691’s. These speakers feature cutting-edge technology that boosts efficiency giving the speakers the ability to produce accurate sounds.

There is a precise balance of materials including the silk/polymer dome tweeter and mica cone tweeter for a smooth roll-off and quick response.

The rubber surround adds to bass response as well as increasing the lifetime of the speaker under tough conditions. The speaker is marine certified and is versatile enough to perform under different applications.

Speaker Features and Specifications


The Polk Audio DB691 is a 3-way component system that features six by 9-inch woofer that is made from a combination of polymer/mica and durable rubber surround, for a long and lasting durability.

There are 1″ liquid-cooled tweeters that are made from silk and polymer. These rely on Neodymium magnets to deliver an accurate high frequency, resulting in sharp and detailed highs.

The speaker tweeters can be either surface or flush-mounted with supplied swivel mount cups. To achieve a powerful sound-imaging, mount the tweeter so that they can broadcast towards where you are sitting.


  • Pair of 6×9 -inch 3-way component speakers
  • Equipped with polymer/mica composite cone and rubber surround
  • Maximum input power: 125 Watts RMS, 4 Ohms, 93 dB efficiency
  • The speaker features a 1″ liquid-cooled silk-polymer, and a composite dome tweeter with a neodymium magnet
  • There is a durable butyl rubber and surround that can deal with stress caused by high levels of temperatures, sunlight and time
  • Warranty: 1 year


What Customers Say

The Polk DB series are marine certified, and this means they are built with durability in mind. This durability means you can enjoy music for many years. The Polk DB speakers come in both 2-way, and 3-way options and are available in different sizes.



Infinity Kappa Series – Infinity Kappa 62.11I


Infinity Kappa Series - Infinity Kappa 62.11IThe Infinity Kappa Series is one of the best car speakers for bass and sound quality, providing the ultimate audio experience. One of the things that strike about these speakers is their simple and elegant design. There are no any visible extrapolated screws and the visually appealing chrome match the modern interiors.

Behind the modern look, these speakers conceal many treasures and have powerful specifications. These speakers have a very high sensitivity rating.

The high sensitivity means that the speakers can function at their best with less power. This makes these speakers suitable to replace factory speakers.

Speaker Features and Specifications

The 2-ohm nominal impedance features of the Infinity Kappa 62.11i coaxial speakers allows the compensation for any additional resistance. The thin speakers with factory installed wiring provide more output than factory speakers in its class.

The very high sensitivity of the Kappa series makes the speakers ideal for upgrading a factory-installed systems’ existing speakers.

The beautiful chrome designs that are on the grille match the modern interiors. Additionally, there are no visible mounting screws. The speakers have a contemporary look that articulate either highs or also strong lows making the Kappa series of speakers a good choice.

  • Top Mount Depth: 2-1/8″
  • Design: 2-Way
  • Size: 6-1/2 – 6-3/4-inch
  • Frequency Response: 45- 24kHz
  • RMS Power Handling: 150 watts per pair / 75 watts each
  • Peak Power handling: 450 watts per pair / 225 watts each
  • Sensitivity : 95 dB
  • Impedance: 2 Ohms
  • Warranty : 3 year

What Customers Say

Customers have not been shy to review these speakers. From reviews, if you want to take full advantage of these speakers, drop an external amp into the mix and enjoy rich music at even higher volumes.

On the con, the power handling of the RMS is not the highest available – it can be better. Another drawback is that these speakers are a bit expensive when compared to other speakers in the same category.



Polk Audio DB6501 6.5 ” 2-Way Component System


Polk Audio DB6501 6.5 " 2-Way Component SystemThere is no doubt that the Polk Audio can produce speakers that look and sound better all the time. This time round, this audio brand has produced the DB6501 6.5 -inch speaker that is of high sound quality.

The DB6501 6.5-inch 2-way component speaker withstands harsh conditions and yet produces awesome results. The speaker is stiff and lightweight and comes with an assurance of details and clear highs.


Speaker Features and Specifications


The Polk Audio DB6501 6.5″, 2-Way Component System is better than ever and comes with excellent looks with even better sound quality. It comes at a price that makes high performance affordable to everyone

The Polk Audio DB6501, 6.5-inch speaker, works well with OEM factory systems, even with high-powered aftermarket head units and component power amps.

The speaker is built to withstand the harshest environments making them perfect for use in boats of all types. This is what makes the speakers marine certified.

For the tweeters, the 25 mm liquid-cooled silk and polymer composite dome come with neodymium magnet, to provide clear and detailed highs. The flush and surface mount swivel cups make it possible for placement flexibility for the soundstage optimization in your vehicle.

The Polk Audio DB6501 6.5 speaker is a “2-Way Component System that has an impressive performance. The 6.5-inch woofers come with a dynamic balance polymer/mica composite mineral filled cone for big sound with little distortion.


  • Adaptor Rings simplify the process of fitting the db6501 in 6.5″ and 6.75″ applications
  • Two-way Butter-worth outboard crossover which has a vented housing, electronic  protection of tweeter circuit
  • Overall frequency response: 35Hz -23kHz
  • Nominal Impedance: 4Ohms
  • Power Handling (continuous): 100 Watts
  • Power Handling (peak): 300 Watts
  • Efficiency: 92 dB
  • One year Warranty; including parts and labor


What Customers Say

Many of those who have bought this speaker agree that it is an excellent product at a very reasonable price. It offers a tremendous mid-bass sound and stainless steel mounting. All tools are included making it easy to install.


What to Look for When Buying The Best Car Speakers 


It is important to enjoy the music coming out of the car. Car speakers can expand the personal audio experience of music, films, movies, and games to a whole new level. If you are are looking for the best car speakers, you have to consider a couple of factors to select the best.

Because of that, you should give a first priority to issues such as sound quality. Moreover, you have to consider your budget when making your choice. You should also look at quality of materials used to make the car speakers, as these will determine its longevity.

When you are going into the purchase of new speakers, you need to have a sense of purpose. You need to know exactly what is required from the speakers, as this will help your decision making.

Not everyone can understand what the numbers and symbols in the speaker specs list stand for. This is the reason we come in to help you with better decision making.

Here are some guiding factors to help you decide on the best speaker for you;


Type of Speakers

There are two main categories of speakers, namely component, and full range. Getting the right type that fits you could save you money as well as giving you the quality you are looking for.

The first type of speaker system is what we call Component. Component speaker systems are designed to deliver the best possible sound quality. Their components such as woofers and tweeters are separated so that they can be moved around within the vehicle.

Component speakers have a better audio experience due to the different speaker sizes. Component systems are higher priced and are more suited for people looking for an advanced system.

On the other hand, we have what we call full range speakers. The full-range speaker systems are an all-in-one system. They are usually lower in price and are the simplest to install. They are best suited for individuals who are simply looking to replace their factory speakers.


  Speaker Size

From a general perspective, the larger the speaker, the better the sound quality. Equally, the larger the speaker, the larger the range of sound frequencies the speaker will be able to handle.

Speakers come to the market in a range of sizes, and the most important thing is to ensure that you find one that will fit in the available space for your car.

Cars are built differently, and you need to find out the specific size and depth of the speakers your vehicle will support. The perfect size of a speaker will depend on the situation of your car.


  Car Speaker Sensitivity

Sensitivity in speakers is measured in decibels (dB) and is one of the most significant albeit ignored speaker specifications. A speaker sensitivity indicates the loudness of a speaker, be it in a room environment or a non-echoing environment.

The higher the sensitivity rating on the speaker, the louder the speaker. An average speaker comes with a sensitivity of around 87dB. A speaker whose sensitivity rating is more than 90dB is considered excellent.

Are you wondering on how to estimate sensitivity? Here is a quick example; suppose silence is 0 dB, then a whisper is 15-25 dB. Home/office background noise is 40-60 dB, while the normal speaking voice is 65-70 dB. The sound of a lawnmower is about 90 dB while that of a car horn is about 110 dB, now you know!


  Power Handling

Power handling is specified in watts (W) and is a specification that indicates how much power a car speaker can bear without causing any damage. Speakers usually come with two power ratings – the RMS or continuous and Peak.

A speaker may get damaged if it receives it gets the amount of power that is more than the specified. The RMS rating defines a continuous power a car speaker can handle without getting destroyed.

The Peak power rating defines the maximum amount of power a speaker can bear in an instant. The Peak rating is however of no use in a practical setup.


 Frequency Response

Frequency response is sometimes mentioned as frequency range and is measured in Hertz (Hz). Frequency response is a speaker specification that tells how low or high a speaker can play.  It is normally as XHz to XkHz, where X is the number.

From a practical point of view, it is said that the human hear can bear between 20Hz and 20kHz. However, bass frequencies below 30Hz are less heard and more felt.

Any speaker that reaches 50Hz or lower is considered to be good. Such a speaker doesn’t require to be teamed with a sub-woofer unless you want to hear the deepest bass.



Impedance merely is resistance and is measured in ohms. Impedance is a critical specification that you should take note of when buying a speaker.

To have a practical understanding of what impedance means, think of a speaker as a hose and water which flows through it as electric current – audio signals. It is the current that flows, which is converted into the sound that is produced by a speaker.

If a hose has a narrow opening – to signify high resistance, less water flows through it, and if the hose has a larger opening (low resistance), more water will flow through it.

If a speaker has a low resistance (impedance), more current will flow from the amplifier, to pass through the speaker and vice-versa. Low impedance, therefore, means that more current flows through the speaker.

When buying a car speaker from a particular brand, the speaker should neither have high impedance nor low. It should have an optimum impedance. Best car speakers have an impedance of about 6-8 ohms.


    Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR)

Any sound that a speaker produces includes some level of noise. Audio signals are sent to the car speaker which is then converted into the sound that we hear.

However, the sound that we hear is not purely audio signals that the speaker gets. It also includes some level of noise, a noise that is added by the internal components of the speaker or device.

Practically, is a speaker has 120 Db of Signal-to-Noise Ratio, it means that the level of audio is 120 dB higher than the level of noise. The higher this number, the better it is.

SNR specification is used to describe how much noise is there in the output of the sound we hear from a speaker, in relation to the signal level. It is also expressed in decibels, dB



Before buying a car speaker, there is need to be guided by some important factors that will help you come with the best option. There is need to learn first what exactly you are looking for, and match such properties with your budget.

It is evident that Pioneer Audio Brand continues to top on matters concerning car speakers. Pioneer offers a wide range of speaker series including D-series, G-series, A-series, pro series as well as marine certified speakers.

We hope that many people finding it difficult to choose the best car speakers would no longer find it hard to decide, after reading this useful guide. We have introduced you to the best speakers we have in the market today and the guiding factors in choosing the best speakers.

This means you can compare various products using the guides provided for you. Most importantly, the best seven products are recommended for you here.

You can pick any of  these speakers reviewed and enjoy the experience they make on your vehicle.

Best Mattresses in 2017:The Ultimate Buyers’ Guide On Mattress

Best mattressesOur bodies repair and heal while we are sleeping. It is our first break after a long and tiring day. Along with proper nutrition, sleep is now considered as an important contributor to good health. Sleeping is the best thing you can do to your body to keep it functioning for everyday work.

Lack of proper sleep is a leading cause of depression and increased weights. It also leads to problems in learning and memory as well as insulin levels. Sleepless is another leading cause of road accidents due to drowsiness.

Mattresses are an essential factor in achieving a good night sleep. You should not let yourself be deprived of this peaceful activity by choosing a bad mattress. Treating yourself to a comfortable mattress can help sleep like the dead.

If you have sleepless nights, feel irritable upon waking up and or suffer back pains, the problem could be the mattress you are using. The right mattress needs to be comfortable while being firm enough to provide a good postural alignment.


Best Mattresses 2017

In this mattress reviews series, we shall be looking at what you need to factor in before buying mattresses and also looking at some of the best queen-sized mattresses out there.

We are determined to help you get the latest info on the best mattress brands we have in the market. Shopping for new mattresses can be a stressful experience. There is too much information out there are you don’t know where to start.